Meet-A-Zinester: Katy Medley

Say hello to Katy Medley! This is Katy’s first time tabling at ABQZF! Welcome!

Knife And Tape Yes // Knife.And.Tape.Yes // K.A.T.Y // KATY // Katy Medley // aka Butch Beaver Press // Perzines of collage, photos, writing, music, queer living // Past Zines: Blocked Intersections volumes 1-4, 50 Albums, Butch Is Not A Bad Word, Leaving Perfect. // New zine coming fall 2019: Alternative Blossoming: A Memoir of Teenage Angst and Music, 1991-1996.

Check out Katy’s zines at ABQZF9 on Saturday, October 5th at National Hispanic Cultural Center! 11am-5pm.