Meet-A-Zinester: Jessica Mills

Seriously though — Jessica Mills is the real deal: a life-long zinester, a parent, a teacher, a punk rock star, a good friend. Somehow, she does it all. Come to ABQ Zine Fest on Saturday and start your mills collection!

Jessica Mills published the first issue of Yard Wide Yarns in 1993 while living in Gainesville, Florida. Immersed in predominately white, straight, cis-male, DIY punk culture, I felt compelled to burst that bubble with my writing. I had just started playing in a band and as a result, I felt brave enough to put out my first zine, which brought an unexpected feeling of vulnerability I'd not felt before. That vulnerability turned into confidence the more issues I put out, the more positive reviews it received, the more distributions it was carried by, and the more mail orders I filled. The next thing I knew, I had an army of riot grrrl era penpals, some of whom turned into lifelong friends. Eventually, I accepted an invitation to write a monthly column for Maximum Rock N Roll, which led to my publishing my first book, My Mother Wears Combat Boots (AK Press 2007).

See you at ABQ Zine Fest, Saturday, October 5th, 11am -5pm at National Hispanic Cultural Center.