Meet-A-Zinester: Authentic Creations Publishing Apothecary

ABQ Zine Fest is honored to host Authentic Creations Publish Apothecary at this year’s zine fest. We are excited to see more People of Heritage presenting zines, expanding the definition of the form. Check your privilege before you approach their table at ABQ Zine Fest, on October 5th at NHCC. You’re on sacred land.

From Authentic Creations Publishing Apothecary:

Our mission is to bring People Of Heritage (Of Colour) back into harmony with the Planet through our relationships to Self, our Ancestry, Nature and each other. We publish writings and educational illustrations by kuwa jasiri Indomela (the one) a Seed steward and printmaking wordsmith. The one is published and speaks internationally. Currently the one has seven zines including a Moon Calendar.

You can find the one in Nature collecting Seeds, engaging within the Indigenous Dine’ Solidarity Network, while co-organizing Emerging Together: A Liberatory Majik and Art Camp. Traveling in from Nucchu Territory our offerings are on a sliding scale additionally we seek savory ferments, Seeds and zine trades. Check your privilege before you approach our table.

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Authentically creating.

Authentically creating.